We currently are participants in the following PPO insurance plans:

United Concordia Geha Connection Dental Cigna Guardian

We also work with Care Credit and deferred Healthcare Savings Accounts.

Please note that if we don't belong to your insurance network, you can still use your benefits for care in our office so long as it is PPO type insurance. All PPO insurance carriers allow you to go out-of-network, the difference being that our standard fees would apply rather than the (sometimes) lower fees negotiated with dentists in-network. In most cases, for routine services, the difference in fee is minimal, but please ask us about copays prior to treatment if you are unsure what your obligation will be for any given service. You should also be aware that almost every dental insurance plan available will limit your maximum annual benefit to between $1500 and $2000. Should you require more extensive treatment that would exceed you annual allowance, we will structure a formal payment plan for you, assuming an acceptable credit history. We do request that you be prepared to satisfy any applicable deductible and/or copayment required by your insurance contract at the time you receive care.


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